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Crowd Funding

We will build our first Care Home by crowd funding. Our Care Homes will be based on ‘Pay as you go’, meaning that you will be paying for the accommodation and services without owning the property. You will never asked to ‘move out’ if you don’t want to subject to terms & conditions. We feel the following reasons are compelling to go this route:

  • The cost of Bank funding of any project is very high at almost 12% which in turn increase the monthly price and cost of the Care Home. As you are paying charges on weekly or on monthly basis, the cost will be restricted by self-financing / crowd funding.
  • You the actual users decide what kind of accommodations you want, what kind of services and where should the Care Home be located.
  • You decide on the kind of environment you want to keep around you and decide on the rules and regulations as well.
  • You decide on what kind of activities you want for example – recreational farming, going for outings, visits to the market place etc etc.
  • If you are in agreement of all the above then the local administration will be very sensitive to your demands.
  • You are in control of your Care Home.