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Care Homes in India

Care Homes in India – We want to build our care homes which are based on ’Pay as you go’ or to say you will you be charged on basis of your staying in the BAC care homes. Minimum period that we will charge you for will be a month / 30 days. We will choose our the destination of our care homes on a few factors. They will be clean air, good accessibility from an airport, train station, road link and fairly good health care facilities. In our research we have already identified a few places in Himachal & Uttarakhand.

Our care homes design will be based on the UK care homes designs. We have a Technical tie up with a UK company ‘Arms Care Ltd.’ for providing as their experience in running good quality care homes in India.

We are aiming for Crowd funding care homes as well to keep our cost low and affordable. We also intend to train our staff and have our own training courses. We will prefer to employ staff which is trained in a proper institute only. We will have our own training facilities in due course of time.