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The World has gone digital and so should we. The world also has got very crowded. So we need to make our voice heard & rethink our own plans and actions. We also need to build and show strength to the society and the government of India. We have paid our taxes, contributed in by doing our ‘Dharm’ as good citizens, sons, daughters, brothers, sisters, parents and grandparents. Therefore the need of this platform and the need for all of us to come together. This platform should enable us to plan and execute a good quality Old age Care for ourselves.

Looking after our elders has been a very important part of our sanskriti. We must keep doing this to the best of our abilities, respect and dedication. We must provide our elders with a secure, comfortable and dignified environment. They should be able to live Senior years with all honour and self-respect. Our elders have discharged their duties and dharma by being responsible daughters, sons, parents and citizens. It’s time we as a society return the favour.

The other truth is that our environment and lives are changing very fast. Education, careers, professions and other employment opportunities are taking our young and middle aged away from home. This leaves our elderly / senior citizens vulnerable and with need to be looked after not at home but at Specialized Facilities for the Senior Citizens and the elderly. We at Bharat Age Care want to provide value for money solutions for home away from home.

Please note that We are NOT A CHARITY. In the first phase of our venture we will to provide all kinds of information you require to look for Old age / Senior Living facilities nearest to your current home town or city. after your elderly / seniors. We also will provide a newly build Senior Citizens Home and living facilities where you would walk in with just your suitcase and liven on Pay as you Live basis for as long as you want. We will provide all other facilities needed to support quality and very good standard living for the elderly in their Old Age.